About Me:

I took an interest in design at an early age without really knowing it. Like many grade school students, I sketched skateboard and rock band logos all over my pee-chee folders and notebooks. When I wasn’t taking notes, I was doodling all over them. It wasn’t until I reached college that I realized I could actually do this for a living.

Most of my career has been spent working for design studios and advertising agencies where I created work for a wide range of clients including Sega, Reebok, Pioneer Electronics, the NFL, NBA and NHL (I still have to dig up a bunch of old work before I can show a more comprehensive library of work for some of those clients though). I spent the last 5 years at Yahoo! Search Marketing but I recently accepted a position as the Director of Web at Oakley, Inc. It’s too early for me to put any work up, but check back in a few months and I should have some cool new things to show.

My primary interest is in creating brands and developing fully integrated campaigns that span across traditional and interactive media. I strive for work that communicates its intended message while maintaining a high level of execution and creativity. Great typography is becoming a lost art and I’m saddened by what I see being done today in the computer age, but every once in awhile I get excited when I see type done well.

About this Site:

I’ve never been very good at keeping my portfolio current, so I created this site to help me do that. Programming it did take a long time, but tracking down all of my old work and digitizing them proved to much more time consuming that I had hoped. I have tons of work that I’m still adding to the site while I have time, so there should be new (and old) projects frequently being uploaded. I specifically designed this site to have the flexibility to add and highlight new projects, while still being able to maintain a historical archive of my old work. My old portfolio site was full of static html pages and not easy to change if I got sick of the design (which I did, pretty quickly). Enter CSS, PHP and MySQL. This new version allows me to simply upload new projects and the associated data without having to create any more html pages, and modify the design as frequently as I want without changing the source code. Hopefully, I’ll be happy with this version for a long time.

Ever since I discovered csszengarden, I’ve been wanting to create a site that is designed with mostly style sheets. The flexibility it offers is amazing and I love that I can create multiple designs with the same base code. Since this was all fairly new to me, I “practiced” with my G35iPod site to get comfortable with the technology before committing to doing a much larger, more complicated site like this one. Choose “Raw” in the Skin Pulldown to see what the pages look like without any styles applied.

This site was built using Macromedia Dreamweaver on an Apple G4 PowerBook. I used a combination of Dreamweaver templates, PHP, MySQL and CSS to make the pages dynamic and easy to update. Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator were used to create the graphics.

More Personal Sites:

I sort of use my personal sites as a way to learn technology and naturally, have some fun doing it. One of the earlier ones was for my home theater, which used frames and just a tiny bit of javascript. Then I got ambitious and created a database-driven site using PHP and MySQL for my Fantasy Football League. That took a ton of development time, so I really didn’t spend too much time on the design side. I wanted to try something that allowed me to change the design out frequenly with CSS so I decided to build a site to showcase how I installed my iPod into my car with G35iPod.com. I also put together a site that displays my Toy Collection and some of my photos up on flickr. Most recently, I updated my general homepage with a single bio page that uses some CSS trickery. What’s next? Who knows…stay tuned I guess.

Legal Stuff:

Since this is a portfolio of my work, some of the items displayed here are comps used to sell clients on an idea. In many cases, photos are used without the permission of the original copyright owner. I try to credit all contributors where I can (click under the portfolio item), but in the majority of the comp images, I honestly can’t remember where the original source came from. If anyone knows of the original artists, please contact me {at} kenloh.com and I will gladly credit the artwork to them.