Hi, I’m Ken.

I dig design + typography, like to collect toys, wish I was a photographer, and occassionally blog when is not enough. I’m also a big nerd.

If you’ve ever Googled me, I’m not the 3D Animator from Singapore or a NASA engineer. I’m a former Designer and Creative Director who loves typography. I ran the web business at Oakley for 6-1/2 years and now have a dream job at Apple. Want to know more about who I am?

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Geekery with the Interwebs

  • My idea of a personal website has changed a few times over the years.

    Here’s a brief history »

  • Back when Flash was known as FutureSplash, I created my first portfolio site, made up of a bunch of static HTML pages and FutureSplash for a “more sophisticated” animated navigation bar.

    The year was 1997 and I had no idea what I was doing. It barely works now but I keep it around just for archival purposes.

  • In 2001 I built a new version of the site, using a MySQL database and made it dynamic with PHP. It was still a basic portfolio but this time around I created a simple custom CMS to manage and add a lot more pieces without having to write code to do it.

  • I had been inspired by Dave Shea’s CSS Zen Garden so I decided to create an experimental “site” in 2007 to demonstrate the power of CSS. In reality, it was only a single page that applied different CSS files to completely modify the design depending on which link you clicked on.

    The nerds in the audience should get a kick reading about how it works.

  • Once Social Media started taking off, I decided to take my first attempt at a lifestream in 2008. I figured it was a better way to keep a personal site current without needing to update it by aggregating feeds from the various Social Networks I already used on a regular basis.

  • And finally, this version of the site was updated to be Responsive and simplifies the lifestream concept to be optimized for touch through the use of HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3 and Media Queries.

    Try resizing the window and check it out on an iPhone or iPad. Rotate to see the design adapt to the device and orientation. There’s just a few issues on iPhone in landscape since it doesn’t support the orientation media query…yet.


Archive of personal websites

I’m a bit of a digital packrat so I have a hard time getting rid of my old websites, even after they are no longer current with today’s standards. I just like to keep them around for archival purposes.