I am

a designer

Or at least, I used to be. I was also a Creative Director for about 10 years. My old portfolio site has not been updated since 2005, but it will give you an idea of what I used to do. Just don’t look at the code. It’s old and bad.

a type fiend

I love good type, but unfortunately you don’t see too much of it around any more. I recently started a blog about bad typography although I can’t seem to find any time to finish it. I still need to work on the overall design to give it a little more flare since it’s a little on the generic side right now.

Why bad typography instead of good typography? So I can stop getting ticked-off every time I see it being done wrong everywhere.

Hopefully, some of you young designers who never had to craft type by hand can learn something from it, and you old school types like me can have a place to vent while getting a little chuckle at the same time.

Drop me a line if you’re interested in being a contributor. Be sure to send samples of your writing or what you think is worth posting.

a business man

I’m currently VP of Web and Global eCommerce at Oakley Inc. / Luxottica Group in the Foothill Ranch, CA headquarters. I’m responsible for everything related to the website including keeping the overall experience fresh, infrastructure + support for all international markets, and revenue from online sales. Learn more about my career and responsibilities on LinkedIn.

We do the majority of our design and development in-house using Open Source technologies with a strong emphasis in standards-compliant XHTML and CSS. I love my job.

a wannabe photographer

I like to think I take decent photos, but I really have a long way to go. You can judge for yourself on my flickr stream.

a family man

I’ve been married to my college sweetheart, Elsa for 29 years, and have three amazing kids. Kyle, Caitlin and Keely.

a toy collector

My toy collection gets bigger and bigger every month. It’s a sickness. I’m seeking help.

a nerd

Nerd, yes. Developer, no. I’m really just a self-taught hack. The guys who work for me are the real developers.

I’m somewhat capable in PHP and can do a thing or two with CSS. In case you didn’t notice, this entire bio site is pretty much just one page with different CSS files being applied depending on which link you clicked. This super-nifty browser default styling is my not-so-subtle way of bringing that to your attention. If you don’t believe me, view the full page without any CSS or URL rewrites applied (yes, I’m cheating a little on the nerd skin). And, if you haven’t already done so, scale the page fonts up and down on the various designs. Everything should still look decent at most sizes. Did I mention I was a nerd?

I’m a big proponent of web standards, clean markup, semantics and accessibility. However, until CSS3 is adopted by the W3C, a couple of my CSS files won’t validate due to the lack of official opacity support. I’d rather live with that than resort to javascript hacks. I also usually don’t bother making things work on IE for personal sites like this. It’s my own personal rebellion.

This site was inspired by Mark Jardine, who was inspired by Bryan Veloso.